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Six instructional art books co-authored with master artist Dr. Ning Yeh


Chinese Brush Painting: An Instructional Guide
Gold Edition

by Ning Yeh
Mayee's 6th book collaboration with Dr. Ning Yeh. After 40 years and thousands of copies sold, the Gold Edition has arrived. The update is now double the original and is as relevant today as its original writing.


Landscape Lessons Book 1
by Ning Yeh
Mayee's 5th book collaboration with Dr. Ning Yeh, "Landscape Lessons" is a journey of heart, mind, spirit, and brush through the artist's motherland. Unprecedented in scope and depth, it is an instructional book, travel journal, and painting album all in one. 


108 Flowers Books 1 to 4
by Ning Yeh
2013 to 2015
Mayee's first 4 book collaboration with Dr. Ning Yeh. The 4 volume series "108 Flowers" is considered the "encyclopedia" of Chinese Flower Painting. Each lesson is packed with detailed stroke-by-stroke illustrations and step-by-step instructions.

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