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Artist Statement


"The Chinese characters for měi 美 (“beauty") and yí 怡 (“ease”) represent my name.

To me, they convey the essence of the art I love:

the joyful expression of beauty with the natural ease of a dancing brush."


"Graceful yet bold, deliberate yet free, Chinese Brush Painting bridges my duality—

the bold austerity of the architect with the sensuous grace of motherhood."

Chinese Brush Painting is the foundation of all oriental brush arts. An extension of calligraphy or brush writing, no other art form emphasizes the mastery of brushwork.


“The Four Treasures”—brush, rice paper, ink stick, and ink stone—have defined this art form for thousands of years. Supple and lively, the Chinese brush dances with the artist to the rhythm of the universe. Honest and responsive, rice paper absorbs every move and emotion. The ink stone is the playground where ink meets water—the yin and yang of brush painting. The dynamic interaction and integration of these Four Treasures is both transformative and fun.


Xiěyì 寫意, the spontaneous style of Chinese Brush Painting, means “to depict an idea.” Executed in a lively, simple, and speedy manner, the artist expresses the spirit and essence of a subject rather than its realistic detail. Founded on the Taoist principle that all of nature is one in substance and on the Confucian concept of jūnzǐ 君子 or “ideal noble person,” Chinese Brush Painting personifies our best human virtues.


Mayee Futterman has close to three decades of education and practice in Chinese Brush Painting. She has co-authored six instructional art books. Founded on classical techniques, principles, and philosophy, Mayee’s art ranges from traditional to contemporary; draws influences from her multi-cultural experience; and brings a rigor and aesthetic sensibility from her architecture and urban design background.


Mayee’s art is collected internationally. A large collection is permanently exhibited at the Los Angeles Center for Women’s Health at California Hospital Medical Center. An award-winning artist, Mayee recently won BMW’s international design competition for the limited edition M4 GT4. She teaches at UCLA Extension, the Institute of Chinese Language and Culture, Huntington Beach Art Center, and Live-On-Line (LOL). Her classes enjoy a worldwide following. Mayee lives in Los Angeles, California.

“Excellent teacher. You could tell her mastery of the subject. She engaged us in every step of the course. Very encouraging, positive and supportive of her students while at the same time points out how you can do better.


“It was accessible to all levels. The more experienced student would produce a more polished piece but a beginner could still participate and produce something very presentable.“


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