2020 FALL A

Live-On-Line (LOL) Chinese Brush Painting

"Four Landscapes"


Welcome to the private webpage for your class!

Everything you need for class is on this webpage including

materials list, zoom link, log-in instructions, and class handouts. See you LOL!


IMPORTANT: Please only attend the session you are registered for.

Students will not be admitted into the Zoom classroom unless they are registered.

The class schedule shown is in Pacific Time (USA and Canada). Please check the dates and times against your own time zone.

Friday AM

9:30 am to 12:30  pm PT

Sep 11: Blue-Green Peaks

Sep 25: Misty Mountain

Oct 2: Forest Foliage

Oct 9: Fall Waterfall

Friday PM

5:00 pm to 8:00  pm PT

Sep 11: Blue-Green Peaks

Sep 25: Misty Mountain

Oct 2: Forest Foliage

Oct 9: Fall Waterfall

Saturday AM  (HBAC)

9:30 am to 12:30  pm PT

Sep 12: Blue-Green Peaks

Sep 26: Misty Mountain

Oct 3: Forest Foliage

Oct 10: Fall Waterfall

Art Materials

Click the link for the art materials list. Please allow sufficient time for ordering and shipping.

HAIR DRYER: If you have a hair dryer, please have it handy for use in class.

Handouts and Drafts


Handouts will be posted the MONDAY before each class. Please print the handout for each class. Color or B&W.

Handout 1: BLUE-GREEN PEAKS (click)

Handout 2: MISTY YELLOW MOUNTAIN (click)

Handout 3: FOREST FOLIAGE (click)

Handout 4: FALL WATERFALLS (click)



If applicable, drafts will be posted the MONDAY before each class. Download and print the draft, if one is provided. B&W, full-size, single sided. The sheets may need to be taped together.

Draft 1: BLUE GREEN PEAKS (click)


Draft 3: FOREST FOLIAGE (click)

Draft 4: Fall Waterfall (click)

Work Area Set-up

To participate, you will need:

1) A computer device (laptop, tablet, smart phone, or desktop computer) with a camera, microphone, and speaker

2) Stable internet access. (To test your connection, go to http://zoom.us/test.)​

3) A table to paint and view the computer device simultaneously.

To Join the Class

1) Click the Zoom Link below for ALL classes you are registered in. Mayee's LOL classroom will be open 20 minutes prior to class time. Only registered students will be admitted into the Zoom classroom.


Meeting ID: 213 725 4169
Password: mylolroom

2) Click Join.

3) Click Open Zoom application.

4) You may be prompted to "down load & run Zoom" or install the Zoom app. Click it.

5) Click Join with Video (or turn it on by clicking the "video camera" icon).

6) Click Use Internet Audio (your audio may be muted on entry, click the "microphone" icon).


1) Class begins promptly as scheduled. Please log-in 5 to 10 minutes before class to test your zoom connection and camera set-up.

2) Please contact me via text, phone, or email if you have questions.

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