Live-On-Line (LOL) Paint Party

Corporate, Government, Nonprofit, and Groups

LOL Paint Party is a hands-on Chinese brush painting event where team members and their families learn to paint! LOL Painting Parties is designed for all ages and all skill levels.

Enrich. Fun. Share.

What they're saying about LOL Paint Party

“Mayee’s Live-On-Line Chinese brush paint party for Conviva was a total success. Mayee hosted 72 Conviva participants, including spouses and children, on Zoom. Everyone loved it. Mayee’s step-by-step approach taught our diverse team members to paint beautifully in just a few minutes. Her team shipped the art kits with paint brushes, paper, and paint directly to our participants and corporate office. It was a great experience. Our team members want to do another session.”


Shirley Dacanay, Workplace Operations Manager

Mayee Futterman Artist LOL Paint Party

Great experience for your team members

Hold an LOL Paint Party for your team members to learn hands-on Chinese brush painting

Have fun!

Mayee Futterman Artist LOL Paint Party

Build your team

Engage your creative side

Mayee Futterman Artist LOL Paint Party

Learn something new

Mayee Futterman Artist LOL Paint Party

Share including families with children


Theme your party for any occasion

Book one or more interactive Zoom sessions for holidays, special events or anytime! Each session has a max of 50 people

  • Valentines Day (Rose)

  • Mother’s Day (Panda)

  • Lunar New Year (Winter Friends)

  • Earth Day (Dragonfly)

  • Easter (Bunnies)

  • Winter Holidays (Poinsettia)

       ...and more!

Click on the calendar for more occasions

Reaching people worldwide

Tried and tested with people of all ages and all skill levels all over the world. From the last two years:


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Sessions held


Hours taught




States served

LOL Paint Party Package

Private event webpage: we'll provide a customized webpage with event details,  handout, Zoom link, and other instructions.

Lesson duration and topic:

  • Short lesson 1 to 1.5 hours: simple skills with one simple painting subject like gold fish, plum blossom, or pint.

  • Long lesson 2 to 3 hours: in-depth lesson on the Four Treasures and a more involved painting subject like flowers, creatures, or simple landscape. 

Pre-packaged art kits: includes brush, paper, and paint sent to your office and/or each participant. May be upgraded and/or customized.

Participant RSVP & registration: 

optionally, we'll provide an RSVP registration link and form on your private event webpage for no additional cost.

Mayee Futterman Artist LOL Paint Party

5 steps to enrichment, fun, and sharing

The LOL Paint Party is organized into 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Welcome!

Mayee Futterman Artist LOL Paint Party

Step 2: Materials and brushwork

A very warm welcome

Then get to know the tools and treasures we'll use

What makes Chinese brush painting unique? Discover the wonders of this ancient art.

Lean to stoke the brush on rice paper - a sensational experience!

Mayee Futterman Artist LOL Paint Party

Step 3: Teacher demo

Enjoy a lively demo by Mayee

Watch and learn as she brings the painting subject to life!

Mayee Futterman Artist LOL Paint Party

Step 4: Step-by-step painting

Experience the joy of Chinese brush painting

We will go step-by-step together to create our masterpiece. It's a piece of cake!

Step 5: Share

After we're done, we'll have a mini-art show of finished paintings

Grab screenshots to share with colleagues and friends!


Instructor Fee

The instructor fee is based on group size and:


Small Groups (less than 25  participants):

Short  session (1.5 hours)

Long session (3 hours)

Large Groups (25 - 50 participants):

Short  session (1.5 hours)

Long session (3 hours)

Art Kits

Art Kits are affordable with a standard kit price range and optional customization and upgrades for your event.

Shipping is additional.

Click the link to request a price quote: