BMW M Motorsport announces that Mayee was selected as one of four winners in an international creative competition to design the new BMW M4 GT4. Mayee’s “Fluid Power” design will be implemented as high-quality foiling on the BMW M4 GT4.

“I am thrilled and honored that BMW M Motorsport selected my design for the BMW M4 GT4,” Ms. Futterman said. “It is a privilege to be associated with BMW, a prestigious global brand focused on performance, artistry, and quality customer experiences.” 


“Fluid Power is the art of Chinese brush painting, the essence of which is a dynamic interplay of opposing elements: water is soft and strong at the same time. The three basic colours of the design were chosen for their meanings: Black is the sky, the king of colours, spirit and substance. White is metal, movement, energy, bright, loud. Red is fire, joy, happiness, passion, vitality. The two goldfish swimming in a circle are lucky charms for prosperity and success. According to Chinese legend, a fish that can swim upstream and jump over the waterfall to the dragon gate becomes a dragon. In the same way, a racing car is an automobile reborn as a dragon."

Mayee Futterman Artist BMW M4 GT4
Mayee Futterman Artist BMW M4 GT4

An exclusive new design for the BMW M4 GT4.

BMW M Motorsport is giving the popular GT4 model a very special appearance for its fourth limited edition season.


BMW M is sending the successful BMW M4 GT4 motorsport model into its fourth racing season with an original design from Mayee Futterman. Her artistry is one of four spectacular winning designs from an international design competition in limited editions to interested teams as well as BMW M fans and automobile enthusiasts.