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at the California Hospital Medical Center

Over 30 of Mayee's floral paintings inspire and comfort women of all ages and backgrounds at the Los Angeles Center for Women's Health. 

Mayee Futterman chinese brush painting plum blossom at the Los Angeles Women's Health Center

In this welcome video, you can see Mayee's floral paintings strategically located throughout the Los Angeles Center for Women's Health including lobby, waiting areas, hallways, treatment rooms, and offices. 

Mayee's was asked by executive leadership at the California Hospital Medical Center constructing the Los Angeles Center for Women's Health to prepare Chinese Brush Paintings for use throughout the facility.


A range of locations were strategically selected including the lobby, reception desk, waiting areas, treatment rooms, hallways, and offices.

Mayee's artistic vision with over 30 floral paintings speaks directly to the Center's clients -- women undergoing a range of diagnostic, preventive, and treatment -- with a message of inspiration, comfort, and healing. The paintings seamlessly integrate with and elegantly accentuate the Center's interior design. 


The centerpiece of Mayee's ensemble is the plum blossom mural located at the entrance in the lobby. This stunning work was originally painted in the traditional Chinese method on rice paper, then photographically transferred onto glass and installed in the lobby. 

About the Los Angeles Center for Women's Health


To serve the particular health care needs of women, the California Hospital Medical Center offers the free-standing, ultra-modern Los Angeles Center for Women's Health. With a compassionate team of board-certified, nationally-recognized specialist doctors, nurses, and staff the Women's Center is known for providing high-quality, respectful, patient-centered care in a calm, comfortable environment.


Located in downtown Los Angeles, the ultra modern state-of-the-art center is dedicated to enhancing the health and well being of women with comprehensive services including general check-ups, breast and gynecologic health, and wellness and prevention.

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