Materials List for 2021 Summer A & B


Chinese (or Asian) Brush Painting uses Chinese brushes, rice paper, and ink. Watercolors are also used. However, watercolor paper and watercolor brushes are NOT traditionally used. 


For best results, the following Chinese Brush Painting materials may be purchased online from Oriental Art Supply (OAS). Alternatively, feel free to use your own Chinese Brush Painting supplies or obtain comparable items elsewhere.


For first-time students, CHOOSE either SET A or SET C. Click the “Description +" button on the OAS page for details. If you are registered for SUMMER B, you will also need the "Additional Colors for Summer B" listed below each set.


2) PAPER​ ROLL (you may need 2 rolls if you are enrolling in both Summer A & B)

3) ACCESSORIES: Items from HOME or OAS Accessories Set (click)

  • White felt or cloth (24”x36”)

  • Water bowl (approx. 3” deep)

  • Fine mist spray bottle

  • Ink dish (or sauce dish)

  • White plate/saucer (not in OAS accessories set)

  • Paper towels (not in OAS accessories set)

  • Watercolor palette (included in OAS Brush/Color sets; but NOT in OAS Accessories set

Example of accessories set-up: