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"Mayee Futterman is the most incredible painting instructor. Not only is she a gifted painter, but she has the rare ability to translate her skills into lessons that allow her students to develop similar skills. She is extremely well prepared with step-by-steop lessons and teaching aids. She is a great addition to the UCLA Extension staff. I would take any class she teaches."

“I love love love your class. You are the best teacher I have ever encountered, and I have taught for 30 years so I have seen many teachers.”

“As a teacher I can truly appreciate Mayee’s teaching skills. She is very well-prepared and her demonstrations and explanations are extremely clear. She gave one-on-one assistance and highlighted students by sharing their work with the class. I not only learned painting technique, but also teaching technique.”

“Very well organized, well thought out course.”

“Loved the course. The instructor was very well organized. I know a lot of thought went into preparing for the course.”

“It’s a great course for a beginner like me. Sign up was easy. There were good reminders and communication via email. Obtaining materials was a breeze. Of course we had an excellent teacher.”

“Mayee is a great teacher who explains the techniques very well so that each student can follow along.”

“It was accessible to all levels. The more experienced student would produce a more polished piece but a beginner could still participate and produce something very presentable.”

“The course presents a very organized method of working.”

“I'm an artist and I learned so much. I hope to take more classes with Mayee.”

“Very experienced teacher who has obviously taught this material for a long time.”

“She was very patient with the students. Rotated around to each student. Helped the ones that needed extra help.”

“Excellent teacher. You could tell her mastery of the subject. She engaged us in every step of the course. Very encouraging, positive and supportive of her students while at the same time points out how you can do better. She makes sure everyone is able to follow and has provided us with all the other materials we needed.”

“This course was one of the best I have attended at UCLA Extension! It contained valuable material and helped me develop great new skills to advance my ability to produce lovely works of art. Mayee Futterman, the instructor, provided fantastic demonstration material, and offered hands-on assistance to help me master the new skills. I would take any course from her.”

“Instructor was knowledgeable, had a great lesson plan, and was very accessible for questions.”

“Mayee was supportive, well-paced, very good.”

“She is very well prepared and sets the room up with examples of her topics, brings reference materials to supplement her teaching, and provides art materials to first timers. She is confident and open in fielding questions, and clearly loves her field.”

“She has humor in her generous support of the variety of outcomes to inspire each student with their own work.”

”I have taken classes with Mayee outside UCLA. She is worth following and is very encouraging with first time students.”

“Believe this course is good for UCLA Extension. Better than many I’ve done.”

"This class for me went way beyond my expectations. It was a life changing experience on many levels."

"You cannot imagine how much I have learned from you! I have been studying and loving brush painting for a long time. Your classes take me to the moon and back. Thank you for all the effort you have made to understand this art form and for the discipline you bring to understanding its language ( strokes, colors, paper)"

“There is relevancy to all levels in this class. As an experienced painter, there is an opportunity to ask questions. The instructor is knowledgeable, I am never disappointed in her ability to provide an answer or opinion.”

“Yes. It is an all levels class. She takes time with beginners.”

"I learned the techniques, but more importantly, I have found a forum for being grounded, for becoming aware and being in the moment, for seeing that you cannot fix your past mistakes and you need to keep moving forward. Engaging in Chinese brush painting has helped my mind be more ready for life challenges."

"Mayee is a thoughtful and methodical teacher who is well prepared and patient. She explains everything in advance and then demonstrates step by step as she leads students to do their own. In the course of this four week workshop, Mayee managed to teach us a very difficult and highly skilled art form. She has a magical way of getting us to fall in love with this art form."

"This Landscape Series was compacted, strenuous painting, but it was a lot of fun! I heard this from many of the other students, too. It was challenging but only when done repetitively and sequentially can students learn and retain the techniques involved. You dealt with a lot of time management and manipulations in your lessons. Job well done! Thoroughly enjoyed this genre, my favorite.  Thank you."

"I can hear in your voice and your work that you really care about your students. It is comforting to me to just listen to you during this difficult time."

"This was a fantastic class, and I was really impressed at how you interleaved all the paintings and what stages had to be done on which week. Loved this more extended study and I really enjoyed the whole series very very much."

"Thank you so much for all the wonderful classes and great teaching. You made them very enjoyable and it was quite a learning experience. I really appreciate all your feedback. I really loved all the classes that I have taken so far, especially the landscapes. I am  looking forward to joining more classes."

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