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Materials List for Wet Mounting

The following materials are recommended for traditional wet mounting of Chinese Brush Paintings


Wet mounting is the process of stretching and reinforcing paintings on rice paper by adhering them onto a backing paper. Most of the materials for wet mounting may be found at home or obtained from any store. Special items may be purchased online from Oriental Art Supply (OAS). 


Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 3.19.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 3.20.41 PM.png


A) Mounting paper (Chinese or western)--included in OAS Wet Mounting Set

B) Blotting paper (any rice paper)—cut to 1/4” smaller than the painting on all sides; included in OAS Wet Mounting Set

C) Chinese Brush Painting to be mounted. The painting must be on rice paper and no larger than 13"x18".

D) Pie pan or plastic plate with raised sides—must be at least 1" deep and big enough to accommodate the paste applicator

E) Plastic bowl for mixing the paste

F) Measuring cup

G) High tack masking tape 2” width

H) Mounting paste (methyl cellulose powder)--included in OAS Wet Mounting Set

I) Measuring spoon

J) Stick, spatula, or whisk for mixing the paste

K) Two rags (one wet, one dry)

L) Paste applicator (included in OAS Wet Mounting Set) OR Hake brush (l)

M) Presser (included in OAS Wet Mounting Set) OR palm fiber brush (m)

N) Spray bottle

O) Paper towels

P) Drying board--any 1/2” plywood or masonite panel (from Blick) 24"x30" or larger

Q) Krylon Crystal Clear (from OAS) or Kamar Varnish (from Blick)

R) Mounting surface/table top must have at least 8" clearance all around the painting. It must be smooth, clean, sturdy, and non-absorbent (like a plexiglass, marble, or laminate counter or table top).

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