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The Brush Warrior 
Recognition Ceremony

Congratulations to the Brush Warriors! We recognize and celebrate their one-year outstanding achievement in Chinese Brush Painting.


When I was awarded this grant one year ago by the Picerne Family Foundation in partnership with Veterans Home of California - West Los Angeles, I took a leap of faith that my Brush Warriors and I could sustain this program. What started as an experiment not only blossomed into a successful program but, more importantly, a deeply caring, creative, and beautiful community of friends and brush artists.

Our elderly-care, retired US Military Veterans have inspired me and people all over the world by their dedication, determination, and courage to rise above limitations and try new things they didn’t think possible. They are proof that learning never ends.

My heartfelt gratitude to the Admin and Staff of California Department of Veterans Affairs in West LA and to the Piscerne Family Foundation. Our one-year grant is complete but our program powers on!

The Veterans Home will continue to support and fund the Brush Warrior Project. In addition to Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing residents and patients, we are expanding to include the Memory Care Unit.

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2 Mayee's Remarks
3 Certificates
4 Testimonials
5 Dancing
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